Passwords and PACs

Best Practices for Choosing Passwords and Personal Access Codes

  • Don't use your date of birth or year of birth

  • Don't use parts of your Social Insurance Number

  • Don't repeat the same number, i.e. 11111,77777

  • Don't use a consecutive sequence of numbers, i.e. 12345, 45678

  • Don't use the same password or Personal Access Code for other cards and sites.

  • DO set up direct banking alerts. With this step, you will receive a notification if there is any activity on your account(s) and given an opportunity to determine if it is authorized by you. Simply login to online banking, choose Messages and Alerts from the side menu, and follow the instructions.

Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union is committed to your financial security and protection. Should you have any concerns or would like help to set up alerts on your account(s), please contact us.