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2018 Appeal - Single Parent Association Back to School Campaign

'Pressures on the family unit are increasing in today's world, and the single parent, as sole earner and parent, with no partner to share these stresses, is under almost unbearable strain. The sad result can be a dysfunctional household, with health problems, inadequate parenting, financial crises, children acting out and failing in school...... however, it has been our experience that the right supports, at the right time, can stop this downward slide. The sense of community and the very real supports offered by the Single Parent Association are essential for the health of this fast-growing segment of our society.' Excerpt from Single Parent Association Website. 
We are pleased to support the Single Parent Association of NL (SPAN) with their 'Back to School' Campaign for the 4th consecutive year. We are asking for your support by donating cash or school supplies by August 31st. With each donation, complete a ballot and enter to win a Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union prize pack. The prize consists of a $50 Sobeys card, 2 travel mugs, a fleece blanket, 2 smartphone wallets, and a pack of playing cards. 
We need and appreciate your support as demands on the resources at SPAN are particularly high this time of year. Thank you. 


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