Vehicle Loans


Knowing what you can afford is the first step when purchasing your next vehicle. Before visiting the dealership, arrange a pre-approved vehicle loan with Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union. A pre-approved loan puts you in the driver’s seat when negotiating price.

Points to Consider When Shopping:

  • Is the "low rate" offered by the dealer only an introductory rate and are there any fees I have to pay in order to get this rate?
  • Does this rate only apply to certain makes and models?
  • Does this rate only apply to certain terms? If I want a shorter or longer term will I still quailfy for this rate?
  • What is the criteria to quailfy for this rate?
  • By taking advantage of their "low rate", do I forfeit other discounts I might be entitled to?
  • Is there a penality if I want to make extra payments or pay my loan off early?

Never assume that 0% financing is the best option - it may actually cost you more.

The Benefits of a Pre-Approved Vehicle Loan from Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union:

  • Peace of mind and confidence while at the dealership
  • Allows you to take charge of the process and shop like a cash-buyer - focusing on the price of the vehicle
  • Know how much you can afford and what your payment will be before you buy
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Pay off your loan faster with weekly or bi-weekly payments
  • Make extra payments to pay off your loan faster, without penalty or hassel


  • Credit life and disability insurance available
  • Competitive rates on new and used vehicles

Before you buy, call one of our experts at Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union or click on the link below to start your application. Let us take the stress out of financing and let you enjoy shopping!

Call our office at 737-5624 or 1-800-409-2887

APPLY NOW for your vehicle loan!