Students and Youth

Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union is pleased to provide products, services, and financial advice specifically designed for students and youth, allowing them to focus fully on saving, building their own relationship with money, and achieving their education.

Our Chequing Packages brochure outlines the details of our student and youth accounts.

Interested in a line of credit or student credit card?

Visit our credit card page or contact us and we will help you make an informed decision best suited to your needs.

Looking to save for your child's education?

Our employees are equipped to help set up RESP's. Click here for more information.

Graduating or know someone who is?

Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union offers an annual academic scholarship. Information is available on our website, typically by July of each year.

Eligible Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union members benefit from our partnership with Johnson Inc. who also offer an academic scholarship each year.