Direct Deposit

A convenient, safe, automatic way for depositing pay cheques, GST cheques, Child Tax Benefits, and other payments.


  • Saves time with same day deposit.
  • Worry-free in case of illness, vacation, travelling or inclement weather.
  • Earns interest immediately, if savings account.
  • NO risk of lost, stolen or damaged cheques.

Transit # 68213
Branch # 839 (sometimes called Route # or Institution #)

Please note that the account number required for direct deposit and pre-authorized payment forms is not the same number that is used to login to online banking.  The numbers differ slightly in the last three digits.  The eight digit login number ends in 00-X and is used for accessing your accounts online and on mobile banking only.  To confirm your correct account number login to online banking then select View e-statements from the menu on the left side of page.  Click on the date of the most recent month then click OPEN.  The eight digit account number required for direct deposits and pre-authorized debits is found after the name of each account (for example 12345-10-6)  The account number is written without dashes or spaces.  If you need further instruction please contact us at (709)737-5624 ot 1-800-409-2887, to ensure there are no delays in processing your deposits or payments.

Click here to print a form.